Finally! The latest batch have been scanned and received back, all 287 of them, the programmes were sent in early March and since then have sat waiting to be scanned. I’d forgotten how long it takes to upload each programme to the site as it’s been so long, several days later and 287 programmes have been added to the site, taking the total amount of programmes available to view to 1934, and 55358 pages of Celtic related content to browse.

The years added to are from 1951 all the way through to 2018 , nearly every year has had programmes added to it and as quick as these have been uploaded more have made there way to the scanners. All through this period I have been buying up more and more programmes and must have another 500 plus to have scanned, the last decade is more or less complete and I have nearly every programme available for the 1980’s, 1990’s and 2000’s, these are next to go on to the site on top of whats already available to view.

Enjoy browsing!

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