Celtic Matchday is a digital Celtic FC programme archive.

It has taken years of emails, calls and trips up and down the UK, meeting some great fellow supporters along the way, who have been invaluable to me putting this collection together. It is still some way off where I want it to be and I know I will not be able to get a programme for every fixture, however my hobby of collecting the Celtic match day programmes has turned into a huge archive and is a live and ongoing project being added to on a weekly basis.

I have painstakingly catalogued each programme I have for every fixture going back to 1950’s, eventually as my collection expands I will look to add earlier programmes where they become available.

The scanning of the programmes has taken a substantial amount of time and resources, I am also not aware of this being completed in this way before for Celtic FC, apart from the scanning of the front covers, however as good as that is, you lose the content and that is a real shame, my collection currently sits in folders and is only seen by myself and a few lucky friends! This allows anybody to access these historical documents, and there are some real gems amongst the collection.

If you click on the archive tab you can click on any fixture from any year and view the full programme, it can also be downloaded and is available in PDF format. Ticket stubs are also now available to view under the ‘Ticket’ tab, these are being added to on a regular basis.

I want this to be made available to every supporter who has an interest in the history of the club, for me the programmes are a brilliant source of information, with fantastic artwork, articles, advertising which has evolved so much over the years.

Thank you, and I hope you will enjoy browsing the site!

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