Its been a while, but I’m back up and running!

That’s another 64 programmes added to the site, programme uploads from 1972 to 2021, 2818 pages and taking the total of programmes on the site to 2940, with 84786 pages scanned!

More to follow.



It’s been several months of inactivity, work wise this year has been intense with very little let up so the programmes have taken a back seat, and I’ve only just managed to get through the latest batch and get them all uploaded in the last week.

331 programmes added, 7217 pages scanned and 44 years that have had programmes added to which brings the total number of programmes to 2876, with 89172 pages scanned and far too many cups of coffee consumed!

The wants list will be getting updated as I need a real good sort out of exactly what I’ve Got and not Got and put everything in order which is going to take a bit of time!

A programme that I enjoyed having a good flick through was the Celtic v Liverpool fixture from 1974, see the link below!

The fans were treated to a fine game between league champions Celtic and English FA Cup holders Liverpool.

The great Bill Shankly took charge of the Anfield side for one last time to go head to head against his great friend Jock Stein. Liverpool played all their big guns – Clemence, Hughes, Keegan, Heighway, Toshack.

60,000 fans turned out to make it a wonderful occasion with tremendous atmosphere. At the end McNeill went to the supporters as the fans chanted his name.

There is only one ‘King Billy’……..and that’s McNeill.

From the website – Shankly led out Clemence, Lindsay, Smith, Thompson, Hughes, Heighway, Hall, Callaghan, Cormack, Toshack and Keegan out at Celtic Park in front of 60,000 people and got a sensational reception as Liverpool fan Chris Wood remembers:

“Two days after the Charity Shield match at Wembley when Bill was given the honour of leading out his men in red for one final time, I made the long journey up to Glasgow from London by train where Liverpool were playing at Celtic Park in a testimonial match for Billy McNeill.

Before the teams appeared Billy McNeill walked in the the centre-circle to take the applause of his people and then he beckoned for Bill Shankly to come and join him. Everyone knew it was his last match in charge before the competitive season started five days later under Bob Paisley.

It was McNeill’s night but that amazing crowd of 60,000 stood as one and it seemed the whole stadium was chanting “Shankly, Shankly” and “Liv-er-pool, Liv-er-pool”. They just didn’t clap and cheer. they roared. I have never seen or heard anything like it before or since, not a tribute like to someone who had never worn their famous green and white hoops. It was breathtaking. Makes me shiver thinking about it now.”

Source: *

That’s another 124 programmes added to the site, taking the total amount of programmes to 2521, and the amount of pages scanned to 81955, a mammoth task!

There are plenty of programmes currently being bartered for and heading my way in the post! As I was uploading I had ebay on in the background and I just missed out on a Newcastle v Celtic friendly from 1953 by some jammy bastard! Who beat me by a quid! Oh well.

A few of the uploads that caught my eye:

Celtic v Hibernian – 26th of October 1974 – League Cup Final – 6-3

Celtic v Dundee United – 4th of May 1974 – Scottish Cup Final – 3-0

FSV Zwickau v Celtic – 17th of March 1976 – European Cup Winners Cup 3rd Round – 1-0

Celtic v FC Solothurn – 12th of July 1988 – ??? – Has anyone got a result for this?

League of Ireland XI v Celtic – 8th of March 1994 – Friendly – ??? – Also this?

Heart of Midlothian v Celtic – 1st of December 2013 – Scottish Cup – 7-0 (SEVEN)

Well that’s Christmas with over for another year, Dundee United to take care of and then onto the 2nd of January!

In the meantime 339 more programmes have been scanned and added to the site, taking the total of programmes on the site to 2421, with 78299 pages scanned in the process! The programmes now go from 1950 to 2020 with still a lot of gaps to fill,  most of the latest additions are from 2010-2020.

I have also updated the ‘Evolution of the matchday programme’ page up to date to the current year. (Hopefully the link below works!)

Evolution of the Matchday Programme

That’s the site just over a year old now and its received a great response and the feedback has been great, so it makes up for the countless hours spent sorting the scanning and uploading!

148 more programmes have been added to the site, mainly to the last decade. There are a few odds and sods added to the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s as well as the early 00’s, seems a small addition but the scanners have lulled me into a false sense of security as there are hundreds more to come in the next week or so! The programmes available to view now exceed 2000, and the pages scanned in the process so far is now over 60,000 which is a huge number that is only going to grow further! Enjoy….

Celtic v Aston Villa – 2nd of August 1986 – Friendly – 1-0

Manchester United v Celtic – 3rd of August 1993 – Friendly – 0-1

Celtic v Lincoln Red Imps – 20th of July 2016 – European Cup – 3-0