Belated Happy New Year to you,

That’s 2019 over and I am glad about it, not wanting to wish my life away but 2018 wiped me out, mentally, physically and financially and has taken the past 12 months to recover fully from a venture that I had many reservations about getting involved in and really should have never been involved in, and it very nearly had a catastrophic effect on my other business interests. Since the beginning of 2019 I have been counting the days and months to today.  It’s been a valuable lesson and one that has been turned into a positive, and have often been heard singing, “Non, je ne regrette rien!”.

It may just be me and how I motivate myself but each year I always say, ‘This year will be a big year, bigger than the last, I want to achieve this and do that’. 2019 had those aspirations taken care of, and I ticked off all that I wanted to do, 2020 will hopefully be more of the same.

You may wonder why I am even mentioning any of this and how its linked to this site but this site has been a great little project to focus on with everything else and it is taking shape nicely and has been one of my aims for 2019 to at least get it live and underway. That is in progress with 1552 programmes scanned, 482 tickets scanned and 46746 pages contained within that!

Celtic Matchday HQ throughout December with 482 ticket uploads to go!

There is one immediate change and that’s the introduction of a ‘Flipbook’ style view for the programmes, which rather than clicking and scrolling through the programmes, you can view almost like you would a book and turn the pages of the programme the same way, almost as if you had the thing in your hand, it is best used on a desktop or laptop rather than a handset. I will introduce this with certain programmes and I’ve used it extensively on a new page.

That new page is the ‘Evolution of the Matchday Programme’, which more or less says what it is, and that uses the flipbook feature and it takes you through each era of the programme and it has changed considerably over the years:

I have excluded Parts 2 to 5 for the time being as if all the programme changes throughout the decades are uploaded they appear to kill the sites speed and make it impossible to use efficiently, so I’ll get that worked on by my IT boffin who can hopefully tweak something in the back end to rectify this!

My previous blog was regarding the addition of the tickets, and that has been even harder than the programmes to upload, John has been kindly scanning away in the background and has sent me many hundreds of scans of the tickets individually, I then need to upload and check each one like so:

It seems fairly straightforward, the only difference here is that I do not know what is inside the file until I download, upload, save and click on it and then have to save each file and upload with a title then repeat that many hundreds of times, it has taken a lot of late nights to get it sorted.

The pages with tickets are:


2011/2012/2013/2014/2015/2016/2017/2018 & 2019, there are more being added and few retakes as some were a little out of focus.

Looking forward into 2020 there will be much of the same for Celtic Matchday, uploads, followed by more uploads and you’ll only ever hear from me when I’ve got something to share.

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