One of the more intriguing parts of the programmes is coming across the ones that have autographs, I know there are a fair few autograph hunters out there who can easily identify who made the squiggle, personally I haven’t got a clue unless its literally in plain text! I have been tweeting and asking a couple of contacts I have if they know whats what, and so far I’ve managed to identify a few but there are far more uploaded to the site I’m yet to try and identify!

The programmes that have squiggles I have managed to add an annotation to easily identify them, its a little bit crude and I am trying to make the annotations as discreet as I can but I feel its worth having that information on the site. See below a couple of examples I have managed to add a note to. All the links are included for a closer look!

Brian McClair testimonial, If it is Brian who signed it, he was clearly in a rush, to me it looks like someone has tried to get their pen to work! Any clues who signed this programme kindly let me know!

Manchester United v Celtic – 15th of April 1997 – Brian McClair Testimonial – 2-1 – Signed 

The Tennent Sixes, all but two have been identified, if you can identify them, please get in touch!

Tennent Sixes – 24th & 25th of January 1993 – Signatures – Benny Rooney, Gerry Creaney, Tom Boyd, Brian O’Neill, Mark McNally, Barry Smith, John Collins, Chris Morris. Two unidentified, please check page 10.

This one is far easier and I could make out two of the three but wasn’t 100% sure until confirmed, a fixture versus Hibernian from 1969. 

Celtic v Hibernian – 13th of September 1969 – 1-2 – Signed by Peter Lorimer, Peter Cormack & Pat Stanton

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