Away days, testimonials and friendlies

Things have been quiet posting wise over the past few weeks with a hectic schedule! Although I have been busy in the background faffing with the site making edits.  As previously mentioned, adding the away programmes, the friendlies and testimonials is something I’ve wanted to add eventually, despite the obvious headaches this will bring! I have box upon box of the away programmes I to date haven’t opened yet to see what I have, well now I have begun to sort through them.



Thankfully the boxes of away’s are marked and I know roughly what’s in them, this batch ranges from 1987 through to 2002. Nearly all of the home programmes I have are uploaded, and I have a trip to Glasgow to collect a few hundred more in the next few weeks. In the meantime the away’s will be scanned and uploaded, hopefully within the next week and this should bring the amount of programmes uploaded to 1200/1300 in total.

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