My spare time is often taken up digging through piles of programmes, I scour each programme with interest in the advertising of the time, the different styles, the language used and how its has changed throughout the decades.

Apart from the fixtures and the history surrounding each one,  I am drawn to the styles of advertising and writing and some of the advertising I think is brilliant, being in the print industry I am always looking at older styles of advertising and printing techniques and also how advertising and marketing is evolving. My favourite period of programmes are the 1960’s and particularly the 1970’s European fixtures, clearly modern printing techniques are far more advanced and have a far more varied finish to them, maybe it is the simplicity of this era I like most, personally I still don’t feel this era has been bettered.

With advertising in mind what did stand out like a sore thumb was an advert in a Rangers v Celtic programme from the mid 90’s. With Rangers sweeping all aside on the way to what they hoped would be 10 in a row, I came across an advert that in my eyes was very risky and looking at it now I don’t feel you would get it published. I’m not sure at the time this would have been acceptable but I cant say what kind of reception this advert received. Somebody unfortunately has given this the OK! click the video below to see what’s inside.

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